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Tasmania’s Riversdale Estate has won the 2023 Saint Martin Oak Great Australian Shiraz Challenge best Shiraz of Show Trophy for an unprecedented second year in a row

Download list of medal winners (301 KB PDF file).

Riversdale Estate has won the best Shiraz of Show Trophy with its 2021 Musca Syrah and the Saint Martin Oak Trophy for best Tasmanian Shiraz. Event Director, Julian McLean: “This is an extraordinary result; in the 29 years of The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge, no Winemaker has won back-to-back best of Show trophies”

One of Australia’s most prestigious and valuable wine awards, this year’s event attracted over 340 entries from 54 regions; Riversdale’s winning wine triumphed over strong competition particularly from McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley.

Other notable results included Tamburlaine Wines winning three Trophies and Peter Lehmann Wines taking out, for a second year in a row, the Interpack Trophy for best Sparkling wine of Show.

The following Trophies were also awarded for the 2023 Challenge:

  • Orora Glass Best South Australian Shiraz: Atzes Corner Wines, 2021 Bachelors Shiraz
  • Melbourne Royal Best Organic Shiraz: Tamburlaine 2022 Reserve Orange Syrah
  • Saint Martin Oak Best Tasmanian Shiraz: 2021 Riversdale Estate 2021 Musca Syrah
  • Interpack Best Sparkling Shiraz of Show: 2018 Peter Lehmann Black Queen Shiraz
  • Winetitles Best Western Australia Shiraz: 2021 Nikola Estate Frankland River Shiraz
  • Filchem Best Victorian Shiraz: 2021 Blackjack Vineyards Shiraz
  • Leocata’s Transport Best Shiraz over 5 years old: 2018 Tamburlaine Orange Reserve Syrah
  • Rentons Labels Best New South Wales Shiraz: Tamburlaine 2022 Reserve Orange Syrah

The 2023 Judging panel consisted of: Jen Pfeiffer (Chair) Nat Cleghorn, Shavaughn Wells, Justin Purser, Lindsay Brown and Steve Paul.

The Challenge, Chaired by Tahbilk Group Director, Alister Purbrick, is a unique opportunity for Australia’s premier red Winemakers to showcase their Shiraz, benchmark winemaking and regional points of differences and assist with reinforcing the reputation of the variety as a National and International wine icon.

Nationally, Shiraz plantings are considerably more than any other red varietal, the challenge for Australian Winemakers is to effectively promote this iconic variety. Over the past 29 years, The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge has played an important role by raising industry, press and consumer awareness of Shiraz, both Nationally and Internationally and in 2024, will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Top results for 2023

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WineCompanyAwardScoreRRP ($)
2021 Riversdale Estate 2021 Musca SyrahRiversdale EstateGold
Best Shiraz of Show
Best Tasmanian Shiraz
2021 Blackjack Vineyards 2021 Blackjack ShirazBlackjack WinesGold
Best Victorian Shiraz
2021 Atzes Corner Wines 2021 Bachelor ShirazAtze's Corner WinesGold
Best South Australian Shiraz
2018 Tamburlaine Organic Wines 2018 Reserve Orange SyrahTamburlaine Organic WinesGold
Best Shiraz over 5 Years Old
2022 Tamburlaine Organic Wines 2022 Reserve Orange SyrahTamburlaine Organic WinesGold
Best New South Wales Shiraz
Best Organic Shiraz
2021 Nikola Estate Regional Frankland River 2021 ShirazNikola EstateGold
Best Western Australian Shiraz
2018 Peter Lehmann Wines 2018 Black Queen Sparkling ShirazCasella Family BrandsGold
Best Sparkling Shiraz
2019 Barristers Block The Bully ShirazBarristers Block WinesGold95.0$44.00
2021 Bethany Blue QuarryBethany WinesGold95.0$45.00
2022 Peter Lehmann Wines Hill & Valley ShirazCasella Family BrandsGold95.0$25.00
2021 Gramp's Barossa ShirazGramp & SonsGold95.0$22.00
2021 Hentley Farm, The Beast ShirazHentley FarmGold95.0$94.50
2021 Hentley Farm, The Beauty ShirazHentley FarmGold95.0$69.50
2022 Prime Cut ShirazLangmeil WineryGold95.0$25.00
2021 Parker Estate Kidman BlockParker EstateGold95.0$65.00
2022 PNPaul Nelson WinesGold95.0$30.00
2022 Nodus Tollens SyrahPaul Nelson WinesGold95.0$30.00
2020 109 Reserve ShirazPaulettsGold95.0$120.00
2019 109 Reserve ShirazPaulettsGold95.0$120.00
2022 Elodie SyrahPaulettsGold95.0$52.00
2021 RWT Bin 798 Barossa Valley ShirazPenfoldsGold95.0$200.00
2018 EpitaphReillys WinesGold95.0$80.00
2018 Moonvine Greenock Reserve ShirazReillys WinesGold95.0$80.00
2022 Riposte 'The Cutlass' ShirazRiposte WinesGold95.0$28.99
2021 St Hugo Barossa ShirazSt Hugo WinesGold95.0$58.00
2021 The Footbolt Shirazd'ArenbergSilver94.0$22.00
2021 Riddoch Elgin's Crossing Coonawarra ShirazDorrien Estate WinerySilver94.0$22.99
2020 St Henri ShirazPenfoldsSilver94.0$135.00
2020 Reserve Barossa ShirazBerton VineyardsSilver93.0$22.00
2021 Generations ShirazBleasdale VineyardsSilver93.0$39.00
2019 Baileys of Glenrowan Varley Organic ShirazCasella Family BrandsSilver93.0$75.00
2021 Peter Lehmann Wines VSV 1893 ShirazCasella Family BrandsSilver93.0$60.00
2017 Peter Lehmann Wines Stonewell ShirazCasella Family BrandsSilver93.0$75.00
Woodfired Sparkling ShirazDe Bortoli WinesSilver93.0$21.95
2021 Krondorf Old Salem Barossa ShirazDorrien Estate WinerySilver93.0$38.00
2021 Riddoch The Wine Grower Coonawarra ShirazDorrien Estate WinerySilver93.0$39.99
2020 Kirrihill 2020 E.B.'s The Squire Clare Valley ShirazKirrihill WinesSilver93.0$65.00
2022 EstateTaltarniSilver93.0$40.00
2022 Four In Hand Barossa ShirazA. G. Oatley WinesSilver92.0$28.00
2018 Brands Laira Stentifords ShirazCasella Family BrandsSilver92.0$80.00
2021 Red Queen of the Eden Valley ShirazDandelion VineyardsSilver92.0$250.00
2022 Krondorf Vine Garden Barossa ShirazDorrien Estate WinerySilver92.0$30.00
2022 Ferngrove Independence ShirazFerngrove WinesSilver92.0$26.00
2020 St Ethels Great Western ShirazGrampians EstateSilver92.0$50.00
2022 Jack Rabbit Vineyard ShirazJack Rabbit VineyardSilver92.0$50.00
2020 Kirrihill 2020 Partner Series Clare Valley ShirazKirrihill WinesSilver92.0$30.00
2022 Tenafeate Creek Basket Press ShirazTenafeate Creek WinesSilver92.0$35.00
2022 Tim Smith Wines Bugalugs Barossa ShirazTim Smith WinesSilver92.0$30.00
2022 A.C. Byrne & Co. ShirazALDI StoresSilver91.0$10.99
2019 Blue Pyrenees Estate Richardson ShirazBlue Pyrenees EstateSilver91.0$60.00
2021 Peter Lehmann Wines The Barossan ShirazCasella Family BrandsSilver91.0$35.00
2021 Peter Lehmann Wines Shoulder to Shoulder ShirazCasella Family BrandsSilver91.0$15.00
2021 Chain of Ponds Ledge ShirazChain of PondsSilver91.0$35.00
2021 Cat Amongst the Pigeons Fat Cat Barossa ShirazDorrien Estate WinerySilver91.0$23.99
2021 Golden Amrita Lumenval Moppa ShirazGolden AmritaSilver91.0$55.00
2018 OracleKilikanoon WinesSilver91.0$96.00
2019 Mount Benson Estate 2019 Syrah ReserveMount Benson EstateSilver91.0$50.00
2021 Skillogalee Trevarrick ShirazSkillogalee WinesSilver91.0$75.00
2021 Tenafeate Creek YATTALUNGA ShirazTenafeate Creek WinesSilver91.0$65.00
2022 Gnadenfrei North ShirazTscharke WinesSilver91.0$45.00
2021 Willunga Creek Black Duck WinesWillunga Creek Black Duck WinesSilver91.0$35.00
2018 Robert Oatley Limited Release ShirazA. G. Oatley WinesSilver90.0$70.00
2018 Robert Oatley Finisterre ShirazA. G. Oatley WinesSilver90.0$45.00
2021 Bellevue EstateBellevue EstateSilver90.0$21.99
2018 Brands Laira Tall Vines ShirazCasella Family BrandsSilver90.0$28.00
2021 James Busby ShirazColes LiquorSilver90.0$25.00
2022 Corang Estate Reserve Selection 2022 ShirazCorang EstateSilver90.0$40.00
2021 Doc Adams Single Vineyard ShirazDoc Adams WinesSilver90.0$50.00
2020 Doc Adams Single Vineyard ShirazDoc Adams WinesSilver90.0$50.00
2021 Krondorf Founders View Barossa Valley ShirazDorrien Estate WinerySilver90.0$23.99
2020 Golden Amrita Single Estate ShirazGolden AmritaSilver90.0$75.00
2021 Hahndorf Hill ShirazHahndorf Hill WinerySilver90.0$45.00
2021 Kaesler Reach for the Sky ShirazKaesler WinesSilver90.0$45.00
2021 Kaesler The Bogan ShirazKaesler WinesSilver90.0$60.00
2017 Lineage ShirazLangmeil WinerySilver90.0$500.00
2021 Majella Sparkling ShirazMajella WinesSilver90.0$40.00
2022 Nikola Estate Regional Frankland River ShirazNikola EstateSilver90.0$50.00
2021 Patritti JPB ShirazPatritti WinesSilver90.0$80.00
2022 Alexander Cameron ShirazPrestige World WineSilver90.0$35.00
2021 Commissioner's Block Langhorne Creek ShirazQualia WinesSilver90.0$15.00
2021 Dogs of BarossaRedHeads WineSilver90.0$65.00
2020 Riversdale Estate SyrahRiversdale EstateSilver90.0$48.00
2021 Scotchmans HillScotchmans HillSilver90.0$45.00
2021 Tenafeate Creek JUDGEMENT ShirazTenafeate Creek WinesSilver90.0$100.00
2014 Frankland Reserve ShirazTrevelen Farm — Great Southern WineSilver90.0$40.00
2021 [JULIUS]Z WINESilver90.0$70.00
2021 Allegiance Wines The Artisan Reserve McLaren Vale Shiraz 2021Allegiance WinesBronze89.0$60.00
2022 ATR Wines CHockstone ShirazATR WinesBronze89.0$28.00
2022 Winemakers Reserve Padthaway ShirazBerton VineyardsBronze89.0$20.00
2021 Boston Bay ShirazBoston Bay WinesBronze89.0$32.00
2021 Peter Lehmann Wines Portrait ShirazCasella Family BrandsBronze89.0$20.00
2021 Chapel Hill The Prophet McLaren Vale ShirazDorrien Estate WineryBronze89.0$42.00
2021 William Light Clare Valley ShirazDorrien Estate WineryBronze89.0$34.99
2018 Freycinet Vineyard ShirazFreycinet VineyardBronze89.0$60.00
2021 Gibson The Dirtman ShirazGibson WinesBronze89.0$39.00
2022 Villain & Vixen, ShirazHentley FarmBronze89.0$24.50
2021 The Boxer ShirazMollydooker WinesBronze89.0$30.00
2022 Moppity Vineyards Lock & Key Shiraz 2022Moppity VineyardsBronze89.0$27.00
2021 Bin 150 Marananga ShirazPenfoldsBronze89.0$100.00
2022 Saint & Scholar Graduates ShirazSaint & ScholarBronze89.0$30.00
2021 Limited Vineyard Release RobeStonehaven WineryBronze89.0$30.00
2021 Estate ShirazTaylors WinesBronze89.0$22.00
2021 Yes said the Seal ShirazYes said the SealBronze89.0$50.00
2021 Robert Oatley Signature Series ShirazA. G. Oatley WinesBronze88.0$24.00
2021 Angels Rise ShirazAngove Family WinemakersBronze88.0$75.00
2020 Best's Great Western Bin.0 ShirazBest's WinesBronze88.0$85.00
2021 Peter Lehmann Wines The Bond ShirazCasella Family BrandsBronze88.0$20.00
2021 Dark Side of the Moon ShirazClaymore WinesBronze88.0$25.00
2021 The Boot Room ShirazClaymore WinesBronze88.0$25.00
2021 Beyond the Wilderness ShirazColes LiquorBronze88.0$25.00
2021 Jim Barry 'Expressions by Tom Barry' ShirazColes LiquorBronze88.0$30.00
2021 James Busby Vineyard Series Barossa Valley ShirazColes LiquorBronze88.0$40.00
2021 DBWS ShirazDe Bortoli WinesBronze88.0$12.95
2021 Mockingbird Hill Dr JWD Bain Clare Valley ShirazDorrien Estate WineryBronze88.0$25.99
2021 George's Folly "Pie in the Sky" ShirazGeorge's FollyBronze88.0$18.00
2021 Golden Amrita Sunshine Hill ShirazGolden AmritaBronze88.0$35.00
2022 Hentley Farm, Seppeltsfield Vineyard ShirazHentley FarmBronze88.0$36.00
2021 Jack Rabbit Vineyard ShirazJack Rabbit VineyardBronze88.0$50.00
2020 Dedication ShirazKies WinesBronze88.0$55.00
2019 CovenantKilikanoon WinesBronze88.0$40.00
2021 Kirrihill 2021 Regional Series Clare Valley ShirazKirrihill WinesBronze88.0$19.00
2022 Moppity Vineyards Atrius Shiraz 2022Moppity VineyardsBronze88.0$30.00
2021 Mount Langi Ghiran Billi Billi ShirazMount Langi GhiranBronze88.0$20.00
2019 Mitchelton Estate Grown Heathcote ShirazNagambie Wine Corporation – Mitchelton WinesBronze88.0$42.00
2018 Passel Estate Lot 71 Reserve SyrahPassel EstateBronze88.0$65.00
2019 RedCoteSanta & D'SasBronze88.0$45.00
2021 Shottesbrooke Estate Series ShirazShottesbrooke VineyardsBronze88.0$22.00
2021 Skillogalee Clare Valley ShirazSkillogalee WinesBronze88.0$35.00
2020 Hotelier ShirazTaylors WinesBronze88.0$18.00
2021 Tim Smith Wines Barossa ShirazTim Smith WinesBronze88.0$45.00
2019 DonaUlithorneBronze88.0$30.00
2021 One Road ShirazALDI StoresBronze87.0$7.99
2020 Gomersal ShirazColes LiquorBronze87.0$18.00
2022 Silent Wanderer ShirazColes LiquorBronze87.0$18.00
2022 Lionheart of the Barossa ShirazDandelion VineyardsBronze87.0$30.00
2022 Chapel Hill The MV McLaren Vale ShirazDorrien Estate WineryBronze87.0$16.99
2022 Mockingbird Hill Clare Valley ShirazDorrien Estate WineryBronze87.0$14.99
2021 Patritti Merchant ShirazPatritti WinesBronze87.0$28.00
2022 Organic ShirazPaulettsBronze87.0$40.00
2021 Clare Valley ShirazPaulettsBronze87.0$32.00
2021 Paulmara Estates Marananga ShirazPAULMARA ESTATESBronze87.0$30.00
2020 SchoolhouseSchoolhouseBronze87.0$85.00
2021 Swings & Roundabouts Brash Road SyrahSwings & RoundaboutsBronze87.0$65.00
2016 The Pioneer ShirazTaylors WinesBronze87.0$220.00
2020 St Andrews ShirazTaylors WinesBronze87.0$75.00
2022 Willow Bridge Gravel Pit ShirazWillow Bridge EstateBronze87.0$32.00
2022 Blackstone Paddock The Player Barossa ShirazALDI StoresBronze86.0$19.99
2021 Blackstone Paddock Barossa Valley ShirazALDI StoresBronze86.0$19.99
2021 Warboys ShirazAngove Family WinemakersBronze86.0$75.00
2022 Beklyn Single Vineyard ShirazBeklyn WinesBronze86.0$45.00
2020 Bethany GR ShirazBethany WinesBronze86.0$125.00
2021 Brown Brothers Origins Series ShirazBrown Family Wine GroupBronze86.0$20.00
2021 Innocent Bystander SyrahBrown Family Wine GroupBronze86.0$25.00
2021 Winton Road Barossa Valley ShirazColes LiquorBronze86.0$40.00
2021 Conforti Estate reserve ShirazConforti EstateBronze86.0$35.00
2020 Regional Reserve ShirazDe Bortoli WinesBronze86.0$13.99
2020 Heathcote Handcrafted ShirazDe Bortoli WinesBronze86.0$26.99
2020 Shingleback D Block McLaren Vale ShirazDorrien Estate WineryBronze86.0$54.99
2022 Forester Estate Home Block ShirazForester EstateBronze86.0$38.00
2019 Golden Amrita Estate Reserve ShirazGolden AmritaBronze86.0$150.00
2020 Golden Amrita Lumenval Moppa ShirazGolden AmritaBronze86.0$55.00
2022 ShirazHamelin Bay WinesBronze86.0$35.00
2022 Heirloom Barossa ShirazHeirloom Vineyards Wine CoBronze86.0$40.00
2021 Leura Park Estate ShirazLeura Park EstateBronze86.0$48.00
2017 Carnival Of LoveMollydooker WinesBronze86.0$90.00
2020 Clare Valley ShirazPaulettsBronze86.0$32.00
2021 Ponting Milsetone 127 Barossa ShirazPONTING WINESBronze86.0$38.00
2022 Bare Necessities ShirazPrestige World WineBronze86.0$20.00
2022 Limb Vineyards ShirazPrestige World WineBronze86.0$30.00
2022 Lindsay Park ShirazPrestige World WineBronze86.0$40.00
2020 Crooked Mick McLaren Vale ShirazQualia WinesBronze86.0$30.00
2021 Saint & Scholar Saving Grace ShirazSaint & ScholarBronze86.0$45.00
2022 Sanguine Estate Kindred ShirazSanguine EstateBronze86.0$15.00
2021 Sanguine Estate Inception ShirazSanguine EstateBronze86.0$40.00
2021 Shanahans, The Old Dog ShirazShanahans WinesBronze86.0$23.00
Skillogalee Sparkling ShirazSkillogalee WinesBronze86.0$35.00
2018 Robert Oatley The Pennant ShirazA. G. Oatley WinesBronze85.0$105.00
2021 The Tudor ShirazALDI StoresBronze85.0$13.99
2021 Baileys of Glenrowan 1920s Block ShirazCasella Family BrandsBronze85.0$55.00
2022 Abbey Vale ShirazColes LiquorBronze85.0$25.00
2021 Conforti Estate ShirazConforti EstateBronze85.0$35.00
2021 Firehawk Farm ShirazDandelion VineyardsBronze85.0$40.00
2022 Rutherglen Estate ShirazDe Bortoli WinesBronze85.0$21.95
2020 Woodfired ShirazDe Bortoli WinesBronze85.0$21.95
2020 Ellis Wines Rebel Range ShirazEllis WinesBronze85.0$25.00
2022 Forester Estate Lifestyle ShirazForester EstateBronze85.0$27.00
2021 Hayes Family Wines Block 15 ShirazHayes Family WinesBronze85.0$125.00
2016 The Orator ShirazKulara EstateBronze85.0$69.90
2020 Burnt BlockMr Riggs Wine CoBronze85.0$60.00
2021 LOAMPaul Nelson WinesBronze85.0$95.00
2021 Angas & Bremer ShirazProject WineBronze85.0$25.00
2021 Dan JangoRedHeads WineBronze85.0$30.00
2021 Bull TraderReschkeBronze85.0$25.00
2022 Sanguine Estate Progeny ShirazSanguine EstateBronze85.0$25.00
2022 The Great Ron SongbookTallagandra Hill WineryBronze85.0$35.00
2020 EstateTaltarniBronze85.0$40.00
2021 Jaraman ShirazTaylors WinesBronze85.0$34.00
2020 3 RINGS BAROSSA VALLEY SHIRAZThe ARH Australian Wine CompanyBronze85.0$20.00