Riversdale Estate

2022 – 2023 Best Shiraz of Show

Two men stand either side of a wine barrel in a room with other wine barrels. There is a trophy plate displayed on the top of the wine barrel. Each man holds a glass of dark red wine.
2022 – 2023 Great Australian Shiraz Challenge best Shiraz of Show Trophy winners, Riversdale Estate, Left to right, Jasper Marais, Winemaker, Rainier Roberts, Vigneron.

“As a Winemaker it is a surreal moment when you get that call from a wine show to let you know that your wine has got the top accolade at any show and to achieve this at one show in back to back years really puts a stamp of approval on the wines you produce and just shows consistency in your ability but also consistency in the judging panel of that show.

To be the under dogs in Shiraz/Syrah production in Australia down in Tasmania is pretty tough but getting the recognition from the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge in back-to-back years should really show the country that we are progressing and looking to push the Syrah boundaries down in the apple isle.

We will continue to support the good work of the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge and looking forward to seeing what the next 30 years hold for the Syrah industry in Australia.”

Jasper Marais
Winemaker: Riversdale Estate

Kirrihill Wines

2021 Best Shiraz of Show

A group of 16 happy people shelter under the shade of a jacaranda tree in front of a sandstone block building. Two women in the centre of the group are holding a trophy plate, and women on either side of them each hold a bottle of Kirrihill wine. Jacaranda flowers litter the dry ground below.
The 2021 Trophy Winners shade under a tree.

“What an honour! The trophy was awarded to our 2019 Partner Series Clare Shiraz, an elegant, bright and well-structured shiraz showing deep core of cherry, blackberry, and dark chocolate notes.”

This was the first release of the Partner Series Wines which comprise the “Matt Lawson” Shiraz, “Sean Edwards” Cabernet Sauvignon and “Rob Stanway” Riesling, dedicated to the three partners in the business.

Learning of the result, especially as it was our first release under the Partner Series, was great cause for celebration. Announced the week before Christmas, we received excellent media coverage and the uptake on our trophy and award was phenomenal, nothing like we have seen before. We knew the wines were good internally but to receive an award for the Shiraz like that was a fantastic acknowledgement from our peers that the wine was great.

The Kirrihill brand has been around for over 20 years and has received many awards, but this is one of the top awards for the brand. The following that our Partner Series Shiraz consequently gained is a superb result, not only for the owners of the business, but also the team, who are crucial to the success of our whole business. We look forward to continuing with the wine’s success as the 2020 follow up vintage is, in our view, even better.

Cheers! The Kirrihill Team”

Kristen and Janelle Zirk

2020 Best of Show Trophy

Two women behind a wooden bar, each holding a glass of dark red wine. Between them on the bar is a bottle of Z Julius Shiraz and a fancy carafe of wine with a metal top and handle. Behind them is bar shelving holding glasses, bottles, and books.
Kristen and Janelle Zirk, Z WINE 2018 [JULIUS] Barossa Valley Shiraz: 2020 Great Australian Shiraz Challenge Best of Show Trophy.

“For Z WINE to WIN The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge 2020 was the MOST AMAZING news! I had just hopped out of the car to pick up the kids from school when I got the phone call and I could not wait to get home and tell my sister and business partner, Kristen Zerk. It was a LONG four minutes’ drive home!!

The Trophy was awarded to the 2018 [JULIUS] Barossa Valley Shiraz and it didn’t only win the best in South Australia, but the best in Australia!! The 2018 was the 12th year of production of the JULIUS and the wine had always had a fantastic track record with wine writers and in wine-shows. It stands out for its varietal expression of raspberry and chocolate, which is delivered with elegance, yet with intense savoury depth and length of flavour.

Winning this award was truly NEXT level for so many reasons. Notably, the news came post-covid in November 2020, so it was really uplifting for everyone involved. It has helped open doors to new markets and has also helped us attract serious wine buyers and drinkers.  All of our existing customers were so proud and supportive of us winning these trophies. It was fantastic to celebrate over a glass in our Cellar Door and Wine Bar together.

This award endorsed our Shiraz as one of the best, which goes down in history. It is great to see our wines become even more highly recognised and sought after and we are so glad that we entered it into this professional and reputable Shiraz Challenge.”

John Struik Bendbrook Wines

2019 Best of Show Trophy

Two men shake hands over a trophy plate and a bottle of wine on top of an oak cask. Surrounding them are more oak casks on stands. The casks behind them have been marked "19 Bendbrook Goat Track Shiraz".
2015 Bendbrook Goat Track Shiraz: 2019 Great Australian Shiraz Challenge Best of Show Trophy.

“For Bendbrook to win The Great Australian Shiraz Challenge was total justification for planting our Shiraz when we did. A small block of tasty soil by the River Angas near the Adelaide Hills town of Macclesfield. The Trophy has highlighted to many the elegance & style of cool climate reds from SA. Having to adjust and cope with the sales demand is a minor downside of winning such a prestigious award but which we would gladly do again. As a small boutique single vineyard winery maxed out at 2500 cases a year, sales for us cannot increase significantly as we only use our own grapes, but our old customers are delighted that their spot in the queue has been consolidated and rewarded for being patent and loyalty, knowing they were on a good thing. To the winner of 2020 we wish you the same exhilaration we have felt since being awarded G.S.C (Great Silver Charger)”